FizzBuzzJazz at the Museum December 15, 2011 at 5:46 pm

Last night’s FizzBuzzJazz took us to the fantastic Canterbury Heritage Museum for another sparkling evening of purposeful partying.

Sideways Recordings filled the amazing architecture of the Great Hall with their lush blend of chilled out tracks and upbeat ambience, and chef Joel Ely once again cooked up an amazing array of tasty treats.

To cap it all we had up and coming poetic performer Dan Simpson on hand showcasing his exuberant erudition!

Thank you to Jo Jones, Phil and the rest of museums team who created a brilliant guess the object competition for us. Congratulations to competition winners Russell Burden- for correctly guessing the most objects and to Pablo Pakula – for the most creative guess (the latest entry to the Ikea toilet brush range!). They both won a bottle of delicious Rose Brut from our sponsors Chapel Down.

The correct answers were:

1. An ancient Egyptian mummified cat.

2. A Venus Flower basket –  the skeleton of a sponge

3. Fork for stirring hops to let air into them.

4. The tip of the propeller from a  Messerchmidt fighter that crashed in Canterbury during the war.

5. Mammoth tooth

Thank you to Peter Fry Photography for these superb photos…

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